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Bulldog Automotive Detailing

Location 411 North Avenue G Clifton Texas 76634 Contact Us: 254-413-1714Website: Click here for Bulldog’s Full website.
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Bulldog Auto Detailing

Bulldog Auto Detailing is proud to offer services in Clifton, Texas. The company originally started in Hamilton County, having expanded to McLennan and Bosque in recent years and months. Staff provides top-notch service for interior and exterior detailing, with technology and capabilities for paint treatment as well. Click here for a full list of services. 

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Interior Treatment


Headlight De-Fogging



The company also offers car paint correction. Car paint correction is a loose term in the detailing industry. In most cases, services like buffing, buff jobs, polishing, compounding, and paint correction are all the same thing. Stop by Bulldog or call 254-413-1714 for a full list of bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.

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