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Corner Drug Cafe

Location 102 North Avenue D Clifton Texas 76634 Contact Us: 254-265-7737Website: Click here for Corner Drug Cafe’s website.
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Corner Drug Cafe

The Corner Drug Cafe is staple in the Historic District of Clifton, Texas.  For those living in and visiting Clifton, the cafe offers culinary delights in all forms for patrons to enjoy. Located conveniently at the corner of Main Street and Avenue D, the cafe has served as a meeting point for generations.

Specials offered at the cafe include Norwegian, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Italian and more cuisines. Pot roast is the most sought-after comfort food. Every pastry sold is  made fresh from scratch at 5 a.m. for the cafe’s opening at 7 a.m. The menu features keto versions of patries, pies, cookies and more healthy creations.  Everything is made in-house. “Heat-and-serve” ingredients are never used. Customers can always ask about what went into their dishes and receive an immediate response.

Corner Drug is available for private dinners, with an “open-soda fountain” for parties and receptions. Stools line the fountain, in which staff can make sundaes, shakes, malts, Italian cream sodas, sugar-free mixes and more. The machine is dated back to 1935, and had to be refurbished by the Riesers, who own The Corner Drug Cafe. Previously, the machine took a trip to Chicago and another two years to repair.

Mother and daughter team Nena and Phyllis Rieser provide health alternatives, cooking everything served from scratch. Father Ed Rieser also works with them.
Nena obtained a culinary degree and worked in the culinary industry for seven years. She spent three of those at the same restaurant, starting as sous chef and working her way to lead chef.  Residents have used the location as a place to meet not just eat, for decades. Traditional Norwegian fare is offered at times as well, a reflection of the local heritage of the area, and the family. They still use techniques passed on from Chef Nena’s grandmother to ensure that every meal served is fresh and tasty.

The kitchen offers to-go meals ready-to-eat for those with COVID-19 concerns or wanting to take the night off at home. Don’t forget about brunch, lunch, breakfast, dinner, and much more that this part of Clifton offers.

Categories: American Cuisine, Food and Beverage