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Laguna Park Library

Location 356 East State Highway 22 Laguna Park Texas 76634 Contact Us: 254-622-2665
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Laguna Park Library/Media Center

The Laguna Park Library is both a place to find great reads and a community center. The media center also serves as a UPS drop-off center for the area. The library began in 2002 in a closet at First Baptist Church. It moved to a Sunday school rooms where GED programs were offered. After several fundraisers and the work of the a group of 12, the library moved to its current location on State Highway 22. Today, the library serves as an important meeting point for the Laguna Park area, offering entertainment, computers and company.

Despite a small location, the library regularly offers books for sale and plenty more to check out. DVDs, audiobooks, children’s storybooks, fiction, non-fiction, romance and much more have been gathering for residents of the surrounding area. In recent times, community members have used the space to meet and visit.

Plenty of gifts and artisan goods are also sold at the library. Check back for the book sale rack that receives updates as the library does.

The Laguna Park Library is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization which relies completely on donations and fund-raisers to cover its operating expenses. Craft goods, books and donations all benefit the library, keeping the lights on and doors open. When the library started, it began with only about 1,500. Today, more than 7,000 fill the shelves. Friendly conversation or a good read are always available.

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