Local Meridian singer-songwriter Blake Dagley releases a new single.

Singer-songwriter Blake Dagley is starting to make waves.
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Singer-songwriter Blake Dagley is starting to make waves. Dagley’s last music release (The Nashville Sessions released December 3rd, 2021) garnered rave reviews and over 100,000 hits across major streaming platforms.  

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The Dagley family has been in and around Bosque County for over 100 years. Blake Dagley spent most of his summers in Meridian at his grandmother’s house, where he and his wife held their wedding ceremony in her front yard. Bosque County has always felt like home, Dagley said. A year ago, he and his wife had a chance to move out to Meridian and begin building their forever home on land his grandmother had left for them.

This little-known artist is turning heads with what appears to be a unique and signature sound. To place Dagley’s music in one genre would be unfair as he pulls from his roots and the influence of rock, country, folk, and blues. In 2001, Dean Miller (whose father is the famous singer/songwriter Roger Miller) asked Dagley to be a part of his new venture of producing their own work and supporting up-and-coming artists.

In September of that same year, Dagley spent a week in Nashville recording with some of the best studio musicians at Sound Emporium Studios and Omni Sound Studios. Miller worked with Dagley to help develop a sound that was true to himself and his style, which leans towards the Americana/Country/Rock sound. Daley said they decided that the sound could best be described as if Matchbox Twenty was a country band.

Dagley’s recognizable yet relatable voice pulls the listener in and gives them space to follow him on his musical journey. As a songwriter, he writes with a purpose. Dagley’s songs are musical journeys with depth and complexity. At times Dagley paints with broad strokes, and at other times he paints a picture so bright and detailed that you can’t help but feel as though you are in the song with him.  

“I am excited to announce the release of my latest single, A Part Of Me,” Dagley said. A Part Of Me is set to release on streaming platforms on March 10th, 2023 and radio on March 17th, 2023.

“I would say, A Part Of Me is an ode to the small towns that raised me. Cleburne, Meridian, and Rio Vista,” Dagley added.

The powerful, emotional/Americana-style music and beautiful melodies will tug at your heartstrings. “This is my first major follow-up to my Nashville debut, ” Dagley said. “I would love to see this new song spread like wildfire in all the wonderful small towns we have.” 

To find out more about Dagley you can follow him at www.blakedagleymusic.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/blakedagleymusic, or on Instagram at www.instagram.com/blakedagleymusic.